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Hello friends. :) Thank you for visiting My Blog. In my blog, you can find information about my life or things that have anything to do with me. But, in this My blog, I share about MY STYLE or MY FASHION.
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Diamonds !!!

Hay readers ... Long time I can't post about my self , fashion ,and what I do. In the factually , I really really want share about what I do already. But I can't , because in the school very very busy. And because I have a "Online Shop" so I need many time to do that. Where I must make a homework , follow the exam in school , delivery items and search the supliers.
But now , I have a free time , because I already follow the last exam in this semester , so I can share some story about me.... hahahahha , I really really happy today.
Wait my new posting yahhh :)


Flower Crown ( @iika_bebhoonk ) , Flowly Brallete , outfit ( knitting white ) , hotpants jeans

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pastel ~ Floral

 I learn make over my hair style with shawl :D Like a Micky Mouse I think , but the color is green.My young sister is my photographer . Because she always understand what I like .

Green Shawl ( in my hair ) , Black Wedges , Skirt , Floral Outfit , Polka bag ( Sophie Martin ) , Dream Catcher necklace :)
I hope I can be your inspirator in Fashion Blogger :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leopard Print

Yesterday , I have Study Tour with my school. Yeahhhh , I feel so enjoy but tired too :D We use Bus when we went to Java , and we come back to Bali using Airplane. I have some souvenir from Java to My Family , My friends and My Special Person :D. But I can't share about my tour now, maybe next time :) .  Before I went to Java , I took some picture. And this is my picture :D

Leopard Legging ( Tiger Print Pants ) , Brown Wedges , Blue Enjoy Bag , Blazer , Collar Shirt , Peace Necklace ( Blue)  , Bracelet , and Candy Necklace.